Sporty Spice?

17 Mar

Let me be clear:  I hated the Spice Girls.  You want me to tell you what I want, what I really really want?  To reclaim the years of my adolescence when I actually listened to the Spice Girls. And boy bands.  Ohh the boy bands. The music I remember at middle school dances is quite possibly some of the worst ever produced.  I know it’s out-of-tune and lyrically equivalent to the back of a cereal box — and yet I sit here, listening to a Sugar Ray song on Pandora. Then Barenaked Ladies. Then (GASP) Britney Spears. Sigh. It’s unfortunate to have great memories tied to crappy songs.

And I’m already super-offtrack for my first posting!  Be warned … I’m a rambler. I like dashes and ellipses.  I was an English major and I know how to properly use punctuation marks. I just chose not to.

So anyways. My initial purpose was to say that, out of the three of us, I’m the sporty one.  I don’t play sports as I did in high school, since I love sports that require at least a dozen people.  But I do love sports. LOVE. Hockey and soccer and baseball and volleyball and softball.  That’s right. Basketball and football be damned.  And liking sports is pretty rare quality in a librarian, I’ve found.  Especially hockey.  Trying to get library people excited about Stanley Cup Playoffs was like trying to get students to write English papers over Spring break.  Getting librarians excited about a ridiculous piece of vampire teen lit  — well, that’s another story.

Last night my amazing boyfriend took me to a Red Wings game after work.  The Detroit Red Wings, for those of you who aren’t familiar, have been and always will be the BEST hockey team of all time.  Hands down.  And the Joe is the best place to watch hockey.  I pray they never try to expand the arena; they’ ruin it.

Also, Sydney Crosby can suck it. Real men can grow beards and don’t cry every time they hit the ice.

Last night the Wings played the Washington Capitals, and my bf and I were pretty stinking excited to see Ovechkin in person.  He didn’t disappoint.  Every time he touched the puck, you felt the entire arena holding its breath.  Well, booing actually.  But he had such smooth puck-handling! Such dangerously accurate shots! That’s how hockey should be played. And the Wings totally rose to his level.  A small part of me was anxious before the game because lately they’d lost some momentum lately. And the Capitals were on a 9-game winning streak.  And Ovechkin seems unstoppable.  But the Wings pulled it together and really dominated this game 3 to 2.  They contained Ovechkin.  Howard made some stellar saves. Zetterberg hit some gorgeous shots and Rafalski was the king of assists. It was a thing of beauty.

Did I mention that all night long I had a throbbing migraine and blurry vision?  No?  Probably because it didn’t matter — nothing could keep me from enjoying such an incredible game, with my bf at my side.  I wish all nights could be that awesome!

It also made me super jealous of L for living in D-City. And super happy that my momma raised me to appreciate a great game of hockey.

Pirate appreciates hockey.  And that’s one of many reasons why pirate is AMAZING.

The End


ps: The only things that could have made my night sweeter are a good on-the-ice brawl and having L and J at my side.  There were three crazy middle-aged ladies all decked out in Red Wings jerseys and St. Patty’s day gear — glowing necklaces, hats with pigtails, the works.  I saw our future in those ladies, and it was GLORIOUS!


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