Scandalous Shakers

18 Mar

I’m busy- running around (literally and figuratively), packing my bikinis up, drinking lots of tea, and job hunting like the Russian spy that I am. Scratch that last thought. And I may or may not be wearing a bikini right now and listening to “When Doves Cry” by Prince, because this song always makes me want to dance and shake it.

Anyways, I’m busy but I just had to post this today.

I was debating about what to post because so far in my day, several strange things have happened.

And I have taken pictures of them. I have evidence of my day and I bet it has been weirder than yours. Is this good? Are you jealous?

Anyways, I think this one is the most entertaining, and frankly, I think J & A will get a kick out of it. And whoever else reads this.

It all started when I realized I needed to take my vitamin – Viactiv Caramel Calcium Plus D Soft Chews to be exact.

They are really yummy and like candy, I swear! I pass them out as treats!Now, I know what you are thinking. “Oh geez, L is such an old lady! She is only 20-something years old and is taking carmel chews! Her and my grandma with no teeth should hang out!”

But they are really really really x 9823598235 tasty. And I need my bones to be strong.

So I went in the cupboard in our kitchen to take one:

Cupboard with nothing crazy, just some calcium chews and kitchen things

Here is a closer look – and look closely….. do you notice ANYTHING strange? Weird? Inappropriate, perhaps?

Anything strange?

Let me give you a hint, if you have not noticed it yet. Look in the little white cup:


Sorry for making that so large. But I am shocked. I mean, they are…. being frisky inside a cup, and not just any cup, it is the cup from my youth.

The cup that when I was just a wittle wiggly girl I was able to learn my farm animals and drink apple juice.

But alas, I am scarred for life.

But these do get an A+ for cuteness factor. They are quite adorable, the way they are just begging to be put together and hug and love each other.

However, since the man shaker was being inappropriate (and because I am feeling a little cynical towards love these days), I did this:

She beat him up due to being disrespectful child-sippy cup

Then I put them back that way. Really, you shakers don’t need to always be together. Live on your own for a while. And stay out of the farm animal cup for small children!

(oh dear, I’m talking to shakers)




4 Responses to “Scandalous Shakers”

  1. venice09 March 20, 2011 at 4:45 pm #

    Ahhhhh, the misbehaving shakers……fun stuff, keep it coming.

  2. venice09 March 20, 2011 at 4:50 pm #

    Ahhhhhh, the shakers behaving badly…….fun and funny. Keep it up.

  3. old man March 21, 2011 at 8:42 pm #

    Well, well, well, I am glad ALL those years of higher education have paid off! I knew u saw things a little out of whack then the rest of the “normal” people. And here I thoght u were such a prude! Spy? Yes I think it is a good idea. Start at the bottom of the CIA or FBI and move yourself up when u grow confidence andskills all the way up to “Natasha” the murderiuos femme fatale that u are. Start by sneaking into a goverment building and not leaving till they hire u or arrest u!

    • triohoney March 21, 2011 at 11:17 pm #

      Father, what the heck are you talking about? I don’t know if stalking federal buildings is a good idea BUT I do approve of the Russian name…. however, I would totally be an Olga. Not a Natasha.

      You read those spy novels way too much, Dad.

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