Honestly, if us three gals knew, we would tell you.

Let’s just say it is a blog that was developed by three best friends (three librarian best friends if you must know) who after much heartache of living far apart, decided to make a place that they can call theirs. And rant about their lives to each other. Tell about funny weird things, like an Elk attack, or post pictures to each other that involve silly things, like spatulas.

We all went in grad school. We all have brown hair, enjoy pizza late at night, and are in massive amounts of debt due to school and more school.

Clearly, this is sufficient to base life-long friendships on and helps hold us together.

In alphabetical order, triohoney can be introduced as…..::drum roll please::


Currently living in the middle of Ohio, farmland and all, A is a librarian for a private college and learning how to deal with faculty and students. She can easily be described as the big sweetheart of the three, and gets her caffeine fix from cans of Mountain Dew. An avid sun-worshipper and beach bum, she also tans quite nicely making the other honey girls look like pale pieces of celery.


A fiesty, Italian from New York (upstate, not city, let us make that clear) who resides in the nation’s capital and is learning how to cope with public transportation and ridiculously, insanely high rent. She is the sassiest of us all, and is easily the social butterfly of any gathering. She also cooks quite often, and owns a large silver pot where she can whip up meals big enough to feed a small army.


The only one with pin-straight hair and still trying to find a job in the library field, she can easily be described as the “goofy” one. Often training to be a spy of some sort (she keeps binoculars by her window), L is one of the crazy people that enjoys running for fun, and that means like-40-miles-a-week-running (crazy, right?). She has a knack for trying new things (such as cooking green bean casserole but only having it turn out soggy… if that is possible), and her father is a pirate– this explains a lot.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Kt March 19, 2011 at 4:28 pm #

    Okay….I get it now…much better on the computer versus the phone. Love your blog!

  2. old man March 28, 2011 at 11:38 am #

    Well “Triohoney” reminds me of the Van Morrison song “OOO” (triple O) Honey”, good tune. I love the way u guys are doing this! I felt so bad 4 you Jessica locked in the bathroom with your pizza (sounded like a Great one in the oven) over cooking. Some advice I have is carry or put a credit card in the bathroom (some promo card or how about an expired LIBRARY Card, now that’s apropo) U can slide it in where the catch and cylinder are abd it should force it open.
    This pirate stuff was actually started (I think) by Mrs. hergott. and should be put to rest but she continue’s to use it in public (I kind of DO like the conatation of off-beat non conformer). Kinda like Anna Bananna, and Lily is not exactly “normal” (lthough she is comin around). Amanda, I (we) need more out of U. Although I admit I do not know my way around this OOO Honey site, u may have something here I am missing. I don’t want to ask Lily how to do it but rather ramble on my own and find it. U girls are way to cute and I think your future as friends is cemented in your ability to communicate in this manner.
    Oh, the pirate will be looking for treasure this weekend at an “Adults Only” resort in the Bahama’s. I will up Mrs. Pirate’s rum share per day and see what the little”wench” can handle. That probably wasn’t a nice image, but deal with it! “Old” people like to havefun 2!

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