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Runs, Books, & Tea– Oh my!

17 Mar

Do you get the title reference? Wizard of Oz anyone?

Pssshh….. over here. I have something to tell you– I have had a realization on the past 30 hours. Do you want to know what it is? The secret to life? The way to live your life richly and with happiness, honesty, and love?

Here it is:

Recipe for Happy Days  🙂

  • Do what makes you happy. And then– DO IT. Are you doing it? Make time in your day and go do it NOW! (I’m sassyin’ and pointin’ my finger). For me, this is running. I loooooove running.

My running shoes and sport bra are by far, the best and most loyal objects in my life. If I could marry them, I would do it in a heartbeat. They are always there when I need them, want them. They never waver or falter.       Even when you run 15 miles, and get really sweaty, and get pooped on by a bird, and almost trip on a branch (::me, yesterday::)

Speaking of sport bra, this is the best one in the world:

Champion Dri Fit, T Back sport bra (available here)

Really it is. I own three and MarMar (my gorgeous red-headed Nurse friend) just bestowed another one on me last night.

Anyways, next step:

  • READ.Books, and books, and magazines, but mostly books. Now, I am not just putting this in here because I am a) a big nerd, b) a librarian, c) did I mention nerd? Reading, even if you don’t practice it regularily, is good for you. It feeds your mind, soothes the soul, and makes you look pretty damn studious when near others (seriously, they will look at you with curiousity and think– oh, what is SHE reading? I just MUST know, she looks so engrossed and carefree with her day! And she looks smart, and I like the way she holds the book.

Okay, well I really don’t know if anyone is thinking that when they see me read, but that is what I feel like is happening in the mind’s of others and that is all that matters- what I’m feeling. Books, specifically ones that you enjoy, can clear your mind and light up the side of your brain that is not logical or responsible- your go-with-the-flow-imagination-creative part in particular. And this is excellent news! Especially if you are suffering from any sort of over-thinking/over-analyzing (raises hand) and are trying to start your career (hand still raised) and have a bit of a heavy heart  (seriously, when can I put my hand down?)

Right now, I am savory a juicy book about a young woman who leads an extremely dramtic life due to her inability to stop shopping.

It is HILARIOUS. LOVABLE. DRAMA-FILLED. And it makes me want to go out and buy rugs, pens, shoes (lots), pots/pans, purses, spatulas, and some really, expensive stationary.

Really, I am shocked at how dramatic her life is- every purchase ignites some kind of primal flame in her and makes her feel like she is on top of the world. And, okay, the descriptions of all the yummy latte drinks, delictable chocolate, and really chic dresses and fabulou shoes– that makes it enjoyable book too. Espeically if you lack this in your own life (hand shoots up).

There is also a hunky character, Luke, and I am just dying to know what happens between those two (I just read he has a girlfriend after taking the main character shopping for luggage– really. And he didn’t think to mention he was involved with someone else… Men, just tell us up front, thanks). I haven’t quite decided if I like him or not yet.

Anyways, the point is that YOU SHOULD READ. Doesn’t have to be a novel. A newspaper. A quote. A letter that once made you smile. Anyways, just let your mind focus on the words that string together that sentence and be glad. Because some people can’t read- like infants. And really really really anciently-old people.

  • T-E-A. Ich möchte einen Tee bitte!

Ohhh, doesn’t that look good? Doesn’t your tummy do a little flip of happiness with the thought of some nice, warm tea on the horizon? Or maybe it is doing a little flip because of these little tasty boogers:

Fried banana and cocunut. This is from my Bali trip-

WAIT! I’m talking bout Bali now! TEA, back to tea L!

Seriously, how do I get so off-track?

The point is- drink some tea. Actually, I think that I enjoy the whole pre-drinking process than the actual consumption action. I love heating up water in my lovely electric tea kettle (do you have one? Nooo?? Stop reading now, get your wallet, and go buy one. It will change your life, I promise. It is like the sport bra, you will want to marry it after using it a few times) I love picking out what little tea bag to use, and then dunking it in the hot water and watching the transformation of clear water to rose-petal-orange or dark-blue-green. I love tea pots. They have handles and spouts.

They don’t shout, annd if they did, that would be weird. And creepy.

Anyways, follow these three steps and you will feel wonderful. If you don’t run- scrapbook, volunteer, bike, shop (but not too much!). If you don’t read books, you should start. Read something, anything.

And tea- doesn’t everyone drink tea????